Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Baby Besar

Believe it or not this cat weigh 9 kg... As heavy as guni beras hahahhaha
We call her Besar, she's so fat she scares every cat at my house.
Dia dah kena kasi though, maybe that helps her to get this fat.
I'm not sure about her exact age, but I'm pretty sure she's young.

Angels And Demons

I intend to read this novel this semester break.
Don't want to spoil the thrill and fun by watching the movie first.
Must be a good one, maybe as good as The Da Vinci Code...

Poor Baby Lappy

I guess I've been very quiet lately.
No more blogging and ym, curse that stupid ym virus!!!
My poor baby lappy can't connect with wireless anymore huhu...
Don't know what actually happened to it, just won't connect with wireless after that.
Must be somthing worng with the setting

Nevermind, I still can get used to it.
Thanks to my deer housemates, I still can surf net once in a while...
Desperately need my lappy more than ever...
need it to watch movies lol
Maybe I'll send it for repair later