Sunday, 30 August 2009

So Much For Being Serumpun

When you are watching Indonesian drama like bawang merah bawang putih...
you do realise that our language is almost the same
But be careful over some words because the meanings are totally different in Bahasa Indonesia
Ok for I list down some words in BM and translated to B.Indon
Pardon my French, but you got to know this. So funny...better watch what you are saying when talking to them

banci - homoseks
berbual - berbohong
bontot - ekor
kakitangan - ahli kongsi gelap
seronok - bitchy

Summer Break

Yeay.. summer break!!!
I'm back again in Taiping...its good to see my folks again.Can't believe there are so much changes happened since I left.
We even got new cats and some renovation around the house.

This time, I'm visiting my sisters at Melaka, Kuantan and Mersing.
I hope they can distract my head from thinking of the exam.
Let just say that its like getting away from the stress of a year struggling with books,exams....