Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Maybelline shine free face powder- bad review

hi gals...
whoever thinking of buying this...please reconsider your decision. I have tried this before and got bad reviews from my friends. Btw, mine was in natural shade
bad points
1. it makes my face looks rather cakey
2. my skin colour is a bit yellow and doesn't go with this product, somehow it makes me looks pale and weird, as if I'm wearing mask.

But it has some good points though
1. really light and gives smooth texture to the skin. I think it hides my large pores and pimple scar pretty well thus giving me the smooth look
2. has spf 18
3. oil control
4. fragrance free
5. non comedogenic
6. won't clog pores

However I can't forgive this product for giving me that pale and cakey look. I've read some reviews about it and it turned out that most girls out there has the same problem too. I guess I'm in need of a new pressed powder then. Yippee that means shopping tomorrow : )