Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Week From Hell

Dear blog,

This week will be a week from hell because I will sit for my midterm exam this saturday. I hate when I have to appreciate every minute I have studying for this exam. Tak suke...!!!
Why oh why it always have to be last minute study...

By the way, I had a short chat with my eldest sis 2 days ago. She said she still having the abdominal pain...

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Meet Safina Massicks

Dear Blog,
Meet my eldest sister...Safina Massicks Kamaruddin.
She's on the right, giving the best post in the early morning of Eid Fitr..

Fight Against Tumour

How would you feel if someone told you that you are having a life threathening disease...perhaps a cancer. I'm pretty sure that most of us will cry to death...thinking about how short our life will be.

But that is not going to happen to my eldest sister, Safina who has undergo a surgery to remove a large benign tumour in her uterus. It all started when she began to feel her tummy is lopsided and bigger, she decided to clear any doubts by going for physical examination at government hospital.

Unfortunately, the doctor failed to reach any diagnosis and asked her to lose some weight so that the result will better.
Nonsense laa...unsatisfied with what the doctor said, my sis went to a private hospital Ampang Puteri for further examination.

The pathology report revealed everything...the 2nd doctor broke the horrible news that she had leiomyoma in her uterus, and the worst part is that they have to remove her uterus too!
Poor sis, the news was like a thunder striking right onto her face... she broke into tears the moment she heard the news...ThankGod her hubby bunny is not out of town.

I wish I was there to comfort her...But she is stronger than I thought. A week after that, I got an sms from her saying that she will undergo a surgery to remove the tumour, Alhamdulillah the uterus can be saved.

Now she is back at school while still having the post operative pain... I couldn't picture myself in her place...having tumour can give us a new perspective about life and people around us. are definitely my very own wonderwoman haha...wait till I return home, really miss ya!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Have a Faith

Trust thyself and thee shall see the path

There was a day when I felt really down and devastated for losing faith
in people I always believed in. I thought that person had betrayed me by
deliberately accusing me for what I'm not. At first, I can't think of anything
except to curse in every breath. But then, I think how foolish
I am acting this way. To hell with what they want to say...By the way it
wasn't the 1st time I faced this kind of people...Then I found out that this is
just a rumour...buat penat je aku sedih...sorry guys for this misunderstanding.

Its the same old story, about me getting bored with books and spending
too much time on bed. Its like a deadly virus which grow in me every day.
I wonder if there is any possibility of me finding the cure for this
future threatening disease.

So, that day I came out with this quote. Trust Thyself And Thee Shall See

The Path. How does it sound? Not bad huh hahahaha. I always love how
classic literature kept me puzzled with riddles and rhymes. Trying to be the
cunning Miss Shakespere haha. Anyway, this phrase means that we must
have a faith in every step we make in our life,
faith to Allah SWT and ourselves. When you lose everything, it is the faith
that keep you back on track...

Monday, 4 May 2009

Hari Yang Best

dear blog tersayang,

hari ni memang la hari yang best bagi aku
result sem 1 kali ni boleh wat aku kena heart attack
kalau nak dibandingkan ngan usaha aku yang tak sebanyak mana
aku rasa aku deserve result camni huhu
tapi part yang best aku pass semua paper...alhamdulillah
adey bila nak insaf ni...