Saturday, 7 November 2009

Get A Taste Of John Grisham

I was looking for a novel and found this. So I guessed it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, never read any of his books before. Hopefully worth reading...

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

Have you ever bought such thick novels which burned a whole in your pocket, but in turned bored you to death???
Well to be honest that always happens to me.
Then, my big sis suggested me to read Thomas Harris novels which I found hard to resist.

The story is based on a psychological investigation by an Ex-FBI agent, Will Grahame in bringing down a serial killer who has brutally torture and bite his victims to death.
The author introduced a strong character in this novel, Doctor Hannibal Lecter, a psychoanalist whom is prisoned for killing and practising cannibalism. Lecter's evil plot is brought down by Grahame and this made him one of the best agents there is.
The killer or Tooth Fairy secretly seeks help of Lecter in finding his victims and planning his next moves. He is obsessed with a myth called Red Dragon and believes that killing married women is the only way towards becoming a part of the myth.
After several cases af massive murders, he met a girl and beginning to doubt his actions. But his obsessions wouldn't let him go...
On the other hand, Grahame had no choice but to seek for second opinion from his old friend, Lecter in trying to figure out the clues left by Tooth Fairy.

Rating - 4/5
Worth Reading!!!